In 2007 the Stilfser/Stelvo cheese became South Tyrol’s first and only cheese to have received the PDO Label (Protected Designation of Origin).
This designation guarantees pure quality, authenticity and a historical connection to its place of origin.
Stilfser is a typical mountain cheese made from milk derived from alpine farms in South Tyrol.
The Stilfser (Stelvio) Cheese is produced by the South Tyrolean dairy of Mila/Latte Montagna Alto Adige and at the dairy of Burgeis/Burgusio.
The fresh milk used to make Stilfser PDO cheese is collected daily from 350 alpine farms in South Tyrol – 97% of which are located at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres – and is processed very quickly.

Production Zones

The production zones of cheese Stelvio PDO fall within the areas of the following districts of the Province of Bolzano:
1. Venosta Valley  2. Burgraviato  3. Salto-Sciliar
4. Pusteria Valley  5. Isarco Valley
6. Area of Bolzano